Tension Control

Below is a list of Tension Control Products from our manufacturers.  Click on the model number to download the brochures.

Tension Controls


Cygnus – A variety of advanced yet easy-to-use features are apparent immediately to operators using MAGPOWR’s compact, powerful Cygnus® Tension Controls. Operators can easily navigate through advanced tension control functions and codes using on-screen prompts displayed in full text, making the setup process faster.

Spyder Plus – Designed for precise tension control, MAGPOWR’s cost-effective Spyder Tension Control is capable of controlling web tension in closed-loop, open-loop, unwind, rewind, point-to-point or dancer applications. It measures tension from one or more MAGPOWR load cells and outputs a corrective analog signal to control a torque device. Its reduced size means it can be hidden away in an enclosure or underneath the machine.

Versatec – MAGPOWR’s VERSATEC Versatile Tension Control provides true ease of use and extreme flexibility with its wide range of functions and operating modes. The VERSATEC Versatile Tension Control is a multi-function automatic tension or process controller that uses the US-2 Ultrasonic Sensor to measure distance and roll diameter. It has selectable operating modes for Unwind, Rewind, Dancer, Free Loop, or Ranging applications. This flexibility eliminates the need to learn the operation of different controls for different tension zones.

Ultrasonic Sensor – Scrap is essentially waste, and waste represents reduced profits. An effective way to reduce scrap and therefore maximize profits is by increasing the accuracy and control of the web. MAGPOWR’s US-2 Ultrasonic Sensor used with VERSATEC control measures the diameter of the roll and allows your core and full roll alarms to be adjusted to give your operator proper notification before reaching the end of the roll. This fully automated ultrasonic tension control system allows you to reduce scrap by utilizing the entire roll on your web.

IPT-E Current to Pressure  Transducer – MAGPOWR’s IPT-E Current to Pressure Transducer provides two benefits right out of the box: its single manifold design facilitates its small size, and the unit requires absolutely no calibration, so it’s ready-to-use immediately. Versatile and easy to use, the IPT-E provides superior response, accuracy, and flow characteristics, which are critical in precise tensioning applications. The unit operates on 115/230 VAC, normal dry shop air, and accepts a 4-20 ma control input signal.

IPT Current to Pressure Transducer – Space is always at a premium inside working machinery. MAGPOWR knows this well, and therefore constructed its IPT Current or Voltage to Pressure Transducer as a single-manifold design to surface mount inside a machine enclosure. It is designed to be mounted in any orientation with no affect on performance and offers multiple mounting options. The IPT can be mounted on standoffs through four provided mounting holes, or on a DIN 35 rail using the provided mounting clips, or in a customer supplied DIN 35 Modular Circuit Housing.

IP80 – Versatility, accuracy, durability and ease of use. These are the things you look for in a current-to-pressure transducer, and that’s exactly what you get in the MAGPOWR IP-80. Built into this compact, vibration- and shock-resistant industrial duty unit is an accurate, easy-to-read pressure gauge that monitors output pressure. The flexible IP-80 operates on normal filtered shop air and allows a wide variation in supply pressure, offers high flow and exhaust characteristics to insure rapid response of any clutch or brake and can be placed almost anywhere.

Dancer/Follower Arm – Need control of a dancer, follower arm or both? No problem, as MAGPOWR’s DFC-90 and DFC-A low-cost tension controls can handle either operation mode.

Follower Arm Sensor – The goal in dancer/follower arm applications is to utilize the dancer arm for increased accuracy in tension control, eliminating dependence on an operator and achieve automatic control of the braking torque on the unwind roll — resulting in constant web tension.

24 or 90 VDC Power Supply – Complete control is the goal of any operation utilizing brakes and clutches. MAGPOWR’s PS-24 & PS-90 Power Supplies provide a small amount of reverse current circuitry as a standard feature to minimize the drag torque of a clutch/brake, allowing greater controllability in the lowest torque range.

90 VDC Power Supply – Dependable current-regulated power supplies are imperative for the proper operation of all magnetic particle clutches and brakes, and MAGPOWR’s are no different. The MAGPOWR TC-5 is a solid state current regulated 90 VDC power supply. It has four current ranges of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 amp, selected by a simple jumper on the circuit board. This unit also includes reverse current circuitry as a standard feature, thus allowing greater controllability in the lowest torque range of the clutch or brake being operated.

Digital Tension Meter – A low-cost way to monitor tension output, the Digital Tension Meter (DTM) is perfect for applications where access to tension control parameters is not required. Operators can mount a control away from the web to get feedback on current web tension via a backlit display and illuminated digits. The DTM is encased in high-impact plastic to withstand demanding conditions.

Tension Sensors


TS Load Cells – TS Load Cells provide the most consistent control of tension, no matter how the temperature changes throughout the day. In fact, all MAGPOWR Load Cells are designed with foil strain gauges that provide the lowest temperature drift rating possible (.02% per º C), which can mean the difference between a profitable web and a floor of wasted material.

Global Load Cells – The stability and accuracy displayed by MAGPOWR’s GTS Global Load Cell allow the tension to be precisely measured and controlled on a roll. The GTS units, designed to be mounted under standard inch or metric pillow block bearings, measure the load created by the web and acting on the sensing roll.

CL Cantilevered Load Cells – Load cells are not where operators want to spend their money. MAGPOWR’s CL Cantilever Load Cells facilitate that as they are the most cost effective cantilever load cell on the market. These sensors have the unique ability to accept virtually any roll and shaft assembly. Operators are no longer restricted in design – they simply install one of their spare roll assemblies into the Model CL Load Cell.

TSU Under Pillow Block Load Cells – Ruggedly constructed to stand up to mill duty and with built-in mechanical overload stops in both force directions, MAGPOWR’s TSU Under Pillow Block Load Cells can be bolted under your present roll support bearings and they will accurately measure the tension forces on the machine sensing the roll created by the web. It can display and control the web tension through MAGPOWR tension readouts and controls.

Load Cell Amplifiers – When performance matters, the TSA and LCA Load Cell Amplifiers from MAGPOWR are head and shoulders above the competition, especially in the areas of drift and linear performance. These load cell amplifiers can measure tension in any moving web, wire, or strand.

Intrinsically Safe Load Cell Amplifiers – Safety is the key to any operation, that’s why the MAGPOWR IS-2 Intrinsically Safe Load Cell Amplifier is so valuable and important. The Model IS-2 amplifier provides intrinsically safe circuitry for UL Listed MAGPOWR load cells. It is specifically designed for safe, accurate measuring and controlling web tension in hazardous locations. When used with UL listed MAGPOWR load cells, the IS-2 is UL approved for Class I, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Groups E, F, G and Class III.

Pneumatic Brakes – MAGPOWR has a history of providing pneumatic brakes that ensure consistent tension on unwind applications. The Smart Brake couples proven pneumatic braking technique with a sleek design that allows for easy operation and preventative maintenance. Features of this brake are toolless pad change and pad wear detection. The High Efficiency Brake (HEB) is a low-cost option to the Smart Brake. It fits a significant amount of torque and heat dissipation in a very small package.

Smart  Brake – Minimum maintenance with maximum results is the hallmark of the Smart Brake, thanks to its predictive and toolless maintenance features. The brake includes a pad wear indicator and heat detection, resulting in reduced downtime with consistent, high-quality rolls. The Smart Brake’s rugged construction and single-rotor, dual-flute, and high-output design is appropriate for almost any web application.

Magnetic Particle Clutches & Brakes – Magnetic Particle brakes and clutches utilize the latest materials and components, modern CNC manufacturing techniques and a sleek design, making them the first choice of engineers designing machines or retrofits. Smooth controllable torque, torque repeatability, and torque independent of speed make this technology ideal for many power transmission and tensioning applications.

Permanent Magnet Clutches & Brakes – Capable of producing dependable torque—without the need of an external power source.

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